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Super Star Pick of the Day - GCI

August 27, 2009

GCI - Gannett Co., Inc

GCI is in the same sector as what MNI belongs to: US Publisher - Newspaper. It is the owner of USA Today and several other newspapers. It is the fifth pick we made a double within one month for our Portfolio. Our buy price is $4.22. Today it broke out its important resistance level and closed at $8.70 even the market had a small loss. The company predicts to have a $1.43 per share profit this year. Based on its current stock price, it carries a forward PE of only 6. That means, it is still cheap and has more room to grow. Compared with 20-30 PE for most of Chinese A shares, this stock is way undervalued. Want to know the next doubles? Join our community. Only we can give you super picks.


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