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Super Star Pick of the Day - MNI

August 4, 2009

MNI - The McClatchy Company

HOT CAN ONLY BECOME HOTTER. MNI must be one of recent hottest stocks. Since its break-out from $0.40 on June 21, 2009, it had a non-stopping run. As of last Friday when it closed at $2.29, this stock gained 472% in ten days. It is a matter of time for the stock to break $3.00. We bought it at $1.10 and already gained 150% in one week.

The company reported a $0.30 per share profit on its latest earning release. This stock meets all six conditions of our strategy to pick the next big winners.

  1. Stock is under $5.00.
  2. Average Daily Trading Volumes is greater than one million shares.
  3. Stock price was above $50.00 before recession.
  4. Company turned a profit from big losses.
  5. Profit will be sustainable.
  6. No bankruptcy is in sight in near future.

We have 5-6 stocks currently in our Portfolio, which satisfy all the criteria and just added two more today.

See its recent Chart


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